Hemp Hotel

by Jason Laloux on December 3, 2008

You’ve probably heard of ice hotels, but what about a hotel made of hemp. Well, we’re not quite there, but the Hemp Hotel in Amsterdam surely makes an affort. As MetroNews.ca reports:

Hemp Hotel – As the name suggests, hemp is the theme of the décor. There are five rooms all decorated with THC-free goods. The curtains, the bedding, the soap, the shampoo, even the breakfast are all made from hemp. Their Hemple Temple Night Bar serves up hemp ice cream, seeds and a dozen kinds of hemp beer. Only in Amsterdam!

So yeah, the idea is kind of cool, but it is in Amsterdam, which is a tourist’s marijuana haven. To that extent, you have to take the Hemp Hotel for what it is: a tourist gimmick.

In actuality, consierable advances in hemp technology are being made, specifically with hempcrete. In the UK, there has even been a house made of hemp, and not just decorated with it. And even when it comes to interior decor, you don’t have to go to Amsterdam to find hemp bedding.

It’s kind of disappointing how often one of hemp’s many uses is publicized, it’s alongside the plant’s psychoactive counterpart, marijuana. After all, the best chance that hemp has to be quickly entered into the mainstream so that we can all start enjoying its ecological and health benefits more easily is to completely disassociate it from it cousin narcotic.

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